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This is what I have found out so far about the on current situation with subway cars on the B-division.

As you probably know, R38, R40, and R40M classes are officially gone by now.  The only remaining old 60-foot rolling stock still in service are R32 and R42. 

The remaining R32 cars are residing at either Pitkin or 207 St yards and exclusively serve the C line and occasionally appear on the A.  Also, I have recently seen a few of them on the V and R, which makes me assume that there are still some R32's residing in Jamaica yard (but I'm not sure). 

Most of the remaining R42 cars are residing in Jamaica yard and are running primarily on the V, and also occasionally appear on the R.  Several eight-car sets of R42's are still residing in East NY yard and running on the J/Z.  I'll tell you the reason for it later.

It seems that R160 are now running on all routes they are meant to be running on: E, F, J/Z, L, M, N, Q, W.

As more R160's are delivered to Jamaica Yard, the R42's will be scrapped, and Interestingly enough, the C service is expected to go on a full-length train operation (that is, ten 60-footers, or eight 75-footers).  Currently, C is the only route outside of the Eastern Division that is served by eight 60-footers.  So, as soon as it goes on full-length, R46's will start running on it. 

A significant number of R46's will remain in Jamaica yard and will continue running on the G, V, R, and some of them will probably still appear on the F.

There was rumor that the G line will be reassigned to Coney Island yard and be served by its R68 cars, but this rumor is not confirmed.  So, most likely, the G will continue to be served by Jamaica yard's R46's.

Now, let's look at the Eastern Division, i.e. J/Z, L, and M lines served by East NY yard.  As I said, several sets of R42's are remaining in East NY yard and are still running on the J/Z (note that R42 have not been seen on the L since first R160's came in there, and it's more than a year since I last saw R42 on the M).  The reason why these handful of R42's are kept in East NY yard is that (1) one eight-car set (or, to be more precise, two 4-car sets) of R160 is still expected to be delivered, and (2) the existing R160's in East NY are being retrofitted with CBTC system (currently in operation along the Canarsie line, that is L).  As long as some of thcars are being out-of-service while being retrofitted, the R42's are needed.  If not for that, they would be gone long time ago. 

I heard that the Jamaica yard's R42's will be gone by November.  The R32's will be gone shortly after.  And those R42's that are in East NY yard will remain there until June (when all its R160's will be in service).